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Apply membership
As a RWTH alum you can search for other alumni, receive our magazine and/or our email newsletter, apply for a life long email adress and more.
Step 1: Apply for your account
To apply membership you first need to fill out the registration form. Your data will be checked and you will receive a letter via mail providing all the data you need to activate your account online.
Step 2: Activate your account
After the registration you will receive your activation code via mail to activate your account.
Please use the email address and the activation code provided in the letter.
Activate account
Step 3: Fill in your profile data
After you activeted your account you can now access the alumni portal. You now have access to other alumni's data, receive our magazine and/or email newsletter and modify your personal data.
Data protection
Please read our data protection guidelines before applying for your account.
See the data protection guidelines